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Nashville College of Medical Careers

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Phone: 615-868-2963

Admissions/Financial Aid

Enrollment in Nashville College of Medical Careers is open to young and mature individuals. No previous experience or training is necessary for admission.
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Requirements for Admission:

  1. The applicant must be at least seventeen (17) years of age when the school term begins.
  2. Applicants entering a program must hold a high school diploma or equivalent (i.e., GED) awarded by an approved high school.
  3. The applicant must be of good moral character and must submit the names and addresses of two references.
  4. The applicant must be in good physical health when the term begins.
  5. A transcript, diploma or GED scores must be submitted from the accepted student's high school and/or college which he/she previously attended.
  6. A recent photograph of the student must be submitted.
  7. A personal interview and college tour must be conducted prior to admission.

Admissions Procedure:

  1. Applications may be made by mail, in person or also the internet.
  2. Each candidate will go through three different meetings with the Admissions Director, Financial Aid office and the President.
  3. New candidates will attend freshman orientation at the school and receive a tour of the school before starting their training.

Financial Aid
Any student needing financial assistance to attend Nashville College of Medical Careers is encouraged to make application for assistance through the Financial Aid Office of the school. The details for making application are contained in the Financial Aid Prospectus and the Student Guide to Five Federal Programs, which are provided to all students as supplements to the school's catalog.

Financial Aid Programs

  1. Federal Pell Grant
  2. Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity
  3. Federal Family Education Loan Program/FFELP
  4. Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits
  5. State Grant
  6. College Payment Plan
  7. Workforce

Admissions Application

Click here for Admissions Application.
Please print the application and bring the completed copy
to our Admissions office. Call with any questions.

Accreditations and Approvals

Nashville College of Medical Careers is
2101 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 302, Arlington, VA 22201

Nashville College of Medical Careers is authorized for operation as a post-secondary education institution by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. In order to view detailed career placement and graduation information on the programs offered by Nashville College of Medical Careers, please click here or visit and click on the Authorized Institutions data link button.

The Tennessee Higher Education Commission